Wasps are Pretty

Excited to announce a new video tutorial series I'm working on for the Gnomon Workshop. I've been wanting to update the Hyper-realistic Insect Design series for years and I've finally got a chance to do it! https://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/blog/hyper-real-insect-design

The videos takes you through my process for designing and modeling an original species of wasp based on anatomical studies of real world insects. Stay tuned! I'll post more image! If you like ZBrush, Maya, Substance, octane and...most of all...entomology, this is the series for you!!

Eric keller keller bluewasp 02
Eric keller keller bluewasp 03
Eric keller keller bluewasp 01
Eric keller keller bluewasp 04
Eric keller goldenwasp 03
Eric keller goldenwasp 01
Eric keller goldenwasp 02
Eric keller goldenwasp 04