Gnomon Workshop Hyper Realistic Insect Design and Modeling

In this video series, I demonstrate my process for designing, modeling, and texturing an original realistic insect using ZBrush, Maya, and Substance Painter. I then show how to light and render variations of the insect using the Octane for Maya plug-in. I talk about how I rely on insect physiology and evolutionary biology as guidelines for his original concept and how to bring photo and microscope reference directly into ZBrush using Spotlight. I take the design from basic blockout using dynamesh all the way to completed model. I share the techniques I have developed over the years working on projects for both the scientific community and the entertainment industry. The chapters focus on how to sculpt the insect using Dynames, how to texture using Substance, how to rig and pose in Maya and how I light and render the insect using Octane for Maya 2018.