Orb Weaver spider (Nephila clavipes)

This is a model I created a few years ago in ZBrush but I was never happy with the render. So I spent some time in ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Maya and upgraded the model. This time I rendered in Octane for Maya which I think looks better than the original. This is one of my favorite spider species. I've photographed it at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum's annual spider pavilion. Its an amazing little beast. Gentle and breathtaking. I love the Tiki-pattern on its opisthosoma.

This model is rigged an animated, just need to find time to render it out. The web was created by applying paint effects strokes to the edges of a specially modeled plane. I used a second Paint effects stroke converted to polygons to created the dew drops. A specular material is applied an rendered in Octane for Maya. In this thread a included a few of the render passes created by Octane just because I think they look really cool. Hair on the spider is also Paint Effects rendered in Octane for Maya.