Leaping Frog study

A model I've had on the HD for a while that I originall created for a digital biology textbook. Sculpted and painted in ZBrush. I rendered is using Octane 3 stand alone which is an amazing piece of software for rendering high resolution photo real stills. I kept this very simple using a glossy shader for the frog, a specular water shader preset for the water drops (which are simply dynameshed ZBrush blobs). The sole light source is the HR Images (from Dosch collections). I could add a light source to represent flash and maybe a slightly trickier shader that has some SSS for the frog but I fell like it came out pretty well overall. Maybe I'll add a dragonfly in the next version and some more complex shading. Minimal Photoshop on this, just basic color correction and cropping.

Eric keller leapingfrogrender 03
Eric keller leapingfrogrender 02
Eric keller leapingfrogrender 01
Eric keller leapingfroggrab 01
Eric keller leapingfroggrab 02
Eric keller leapingfroggrab 03