Honey bee stash box

This is till a WIP for sure. This is the second in my "stash box" series. Kind an over-the-top tribute to honey bees (Apis melifera). Love 'em or hate 'em, honey bees are a big part of agriculture and ecology - for better or worse. I think honey bees are adorable and their biology is fascinating. However they are not so much a wild animal as they are feral livestock (at least here in the US). They are hyped to be a key pollinating series but in fact they are just one of many and in the US they often push out native species. This is a sculpt I'm working on in ZBrush, seen here rendered in Redshift for Maya. This is still only a digital model but I'm currently working with ZBrush Jewelry Workshop (www.zbrushjewelryworkshop.com) to eventually print this and possibly cast in silver... or something. That's still a long way off! Right now, its still only digital and I'm tweaking a few things. Rendering in reflective surfaces with lighting is helpful in seeing what needs to be worked out. I think the rounded surfaces are making reflections that interfere with the readability of the forms so I may do another sculptural pass to create more distinct angles.